If you have a Florida address you can get a three day pass for $139 plus tax or a four day pass for $159 plus tax. Each “day” means you can go to one theme park with that ticket. If you want to go to two parks in one day you will have to use two tickets. It’s still a great deal considering a stand alone ticket is $97.

The tickets are valid from January 4th to June 9th of 2017. However, there are blackout days listed for Animal Kingdom from May 27 to June 9th. This might hint at grand opening for Pandora but that’s neither here nor there. The real question is this the best way to save money at Disney World?

Florida Residents also get special rates for annual passes. One of my favorite budget friendly options is the Weekday Select option. The cost of this option (at the time of this post) is $275.84 annually. You can also opt for monthly payments with $122.00 down and monthly payments of $13.66.  You can use this pass at any of the Walt Disney World Resort  Parks Monday thru Friday. You get free parking at any of the theme parks and you can visit multiple parks on one day. You also get a magic band, discounts at park stores and dining, special hotel pricing and all those awesome mailers they send thru out the year. This is a great option if you have very young children who are not in school yet, or days off during the week, or if you are lucky enough to be retired. This pass has a lot of blackout dates during the summer months,  spring break, and right around Christmas and New Years for example but to be honest those are the times Florida residents DON’T want to go to Disney. These days tend to have the highest crowds, hottest weather and the longest lines.  If this option fits your lifestyle it is clearly a better value. Being able to park hop is a huge value in itself. I can’t tell you how many times we went to one park and decided we wanted to go to another one on the same day. Oh, another bonus:

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The pass options go up in price from there. The perks increase and the blackout dates decrease. You can see all the options here https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/florida-residents/passholder-program/ .

I started with the weekday select and I was truly happy with that option. I, however, am childless. I also don’t like the heat or crowds. So this option was made for me. I now have the Platinum Plan. This plan is $692 a year and I really had to do some rebudgeting to afford it. I don’t regret it.  The photo pass perk alone is worth it. Those photos are better than my wedding photos. Like 10 times better. And that cost me almost $3k.

I would have to say the biggest benefit of being a pass holder is that you don’t fall into that trap of trying to squeeze in everything into one day. It’s the number 1 reason that people  have a terrible time at Disney. There is so much to see and do there is no way you can fit it in to one day or even three days. Not to mention the parks are always evolving. I have been going to Disney since 1978 and I still see something new every time.

Got pass holder questions? Post them in the comments! I’m happy to tell you what I know.