I don’t think I could express how much fun this festival is with words. So this post is going to be mostly pictures. First lets talk about the food!

This was the top of my list:img_0422

That’s the deconstructed purple sweet potato pie and the popping bubbles cocktail.

this was almost too beautiful to eat…. Almost!

img_0424I mean just look at thing.

I could have had 10 of these

img_0404That’s sparkling wine with cranberry bobas . My first question is how can I get my hands on these bobas for home use. For reasons.

Also, lets talk about this…img_0434or this…

img_0559I really only have lukewarm feelings towards Figment but still! That’s cool. Figment also has a scavenger hunt. Purchase a map and stickers at Pin Central, finish the scavenger hunt and return it to get an “artsy surprise”. I plan on doing this the next trip so I’ll update you on what an “artsy surprise” is. My cynical mind is very suspicious of things that are “artsy”, “surprises”, and “scavenger hunts that cost money” but I am willing to try in the interest of blogging. if you have completed this let me know what you think.

But wait! There’s more

img_0558Mary Blair is one of my favorite artists and what a perfectly delicious way to celebrate her work. I will never ever eat this. If you know how to preserve chocolate artwork, please let me know. More on Mary Blair in a second. Let me just get through this food.

Despite my allergy to nightshade vegetables, I could not help but venture past desserts and drinks. I tried this…

img_0432That’s a not so great picture of the wild mushroom risotto found at the Masterpiece Kitchen near Canada. as my throat started to tighten and my chest got all red, I looked at my husband and said, “totally worth it”. He tried it, he agreed.

Speaking of the husband, he tried this…

img_0397That’s shrimp ceviche with lime-mint foam. There was a lot of discussion over the lime-mint foam. but in the end he gave in and tried it. He said the dish was delicious and the mint wasn’t overpowering but there was very little shrimp.

He was impressed with this..

img_0443The seared red snapper with braised ratatouille and lemon-thyme beurre blanc. he like this so much he declared this would be his dinner and ordered 2 more.

Over at the Odyssey Festival Showplace, you can find these…img_0439By the time we got to these my food allergy had pretty much taken me out of the game. But I did see a table of 4 women attacking these like they were the most delicious thing ever. So maybe next trip. That’s  the Trio of savory croissant doughnuts. Find them at the Painter’s palate. This is also where we snagged the Mary Blair chocolate. This building is the location for the Interactive Workshops. Workshops cost money and can be purchased by calling 407-WDW-Tour. They take place at 11:00 am during the festival. Seminars are also held here at 1:30pm and 4:30pm and are free with admission.

When you go to the festival, pick up one of the passports and festival maps.

img_0556img_0557These are great free souvenirs and they also tell you where to find the outdoor kitchens and an overview of the entire event. You can find information on gluten free and vegetarian options.

You’ll also find some great photo ops at the festival. You’ve got your usuals like…


You also have some not so usual…


img_0520Pro-tip: If you have Memory Maker or Annual passes you can download these pictures with ease. If you don’t, ask the photographer to take a picture with your camera. just make sure your phone or camera is set up to take the picture.

There are three galleries to stroll thru. Mary Blair gallery, Herb Roman Gallery and Disney original Art Gallery. You probably are already familiar with the artwork of Mary Blair from my picture of the chocolate painting earlier in this blog. Just Kidding, You know her work from that giant tile mural in Disney’s Contemporary resort. Also like a million other things at Disney. Anyway, I’m glad to see she is getting some recognition and the work is being showcased. I personally love it.

They have some living statues

img_0395img_0394img_0396You can take photos with them. The performers do a great job of interacting when being photographed. Just don’t touch them or sit on the displays.

You can join in the fun as well with this paint by numbers mural


This is available to aspiring artist from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. It’s located near the Refreshment Port. Previously a designated smoking area. This led to a lot of nicotine deprived guests.

There is a little bit of art throughout The World Showcase. All the Character spots have something like this


or this


And there are artists selling their work

img_0429Sorry about the not so great photo. These areas were very crowded so I felt lucky to get this one. But the artist are there and you can talk to them about their work etc.

Last but not least, there are show tunes. For the musical theater kid trapped inside all of us. I didn’t get any pics of the various musical entertainment this time around because there were so many important things that were higher on my list. I did however here them. And just when I thought I was safe, I now have “Let It Go” stuck in my head again. which leads me to my final thoughts on the event

Final Thoughts: This event is super fun. As with all of Walt Disney World, you need more than just one day. so my best advice is do your research before you go. Read the blogs, look at the websites, and then pick those things that are most important. Then, schedule twice as much time as you think you will need for each thing. We only had about 4 hours to enjoy the festival on our first visit. Not to mention the food is on the expensive side. Most items are in the $7 range. I mean, they are well worth it but during Food and Wine and the Garden festivals the prices seemed a little lower or at least they had more options in the $5-$6 range. I’m proud to say I got to most of things on my list so hooray for that. I have to say I do have some major FOMO on the things I didn’t have time for so I will be returning this weekend. Plus I think I need like 10 more of those chocolate artworks. Because of reasons.