As promised, I returned this weekend to Epcot with more news and Pics!

First I want to talk about this

img_0562img_0627This is Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt. You can file this under the “I did it so you don’t have to” category. Actually, I’m being harsh. I know kids love to do this sort of thing. I’ve seen it in real life with my stepson and those booklets they give out at Animal Kingdom and the sorcerer cards at Magic Kingdom. So really, file this under “do it for the kids” category.  You purchase this map for $6.99 plus tax at Pin Station gift shop. Mouseonabudget Pro-tip: Don’t forget to show your annual pass and ID for 20% off.

You then travel around the world showcase and put stickers where you find the artworks with Figment. Cast members will tell you you have to complete the hunt but there is this:


I did not choose to search for art mainly in the interest of beating  Friday traffic so I took my not completed map to Disney Traders where they stamped the back of my map and told me to choose one of these:

fullsizeoutput_57cThose are magnets with Figment where art should be. I felt like I was being judged by the cast member for not actually doing the hunt, so I panicked and picked The Figment Scream. At first, I was a little disappointed but really it’s not a bad deal for a souvenir map, stickers and magnet. But I mean, ugg! Figment. Now THAT’S gonna be on my fridge.

So what else… Oh yea

I checked out some of the galleries.  Look at this concept art from the 80’s by Herbert Ryman


I stared that piece for 30 minutes.

I stared at his couple for a really long time

Version 3

I have to wonder if these people knew they were going to a theme park that day or if they maybe just took a wrong exit off of I-4 and said “screw it, we’re HERE now so might as well go check out the giant ball thingy”. I also wonder if these people knew they were going to be in Florida that day because matching 3 piece white suites? Really? In Florida? Really?

Also this:

Version 4

This made me question a lot of things. Like why does this woman have so many children? Why are the children in bonnets? They look Amish. Do Amish people go to Epcot. It seems  like not something Amish people would do.

Anyway, 30 minutes later I realized that art does really make you think. Good job art.

Version 2

I do want to point out that I feel like this part of the piece was truly prophetic for the time in that she looks drunk and she might be wearing a wedding veil which you do often see at Epcot. He looks like he might be wearing that high waisted pants suit ironically, also a likely scenario in modern day Epcot. Either way this is now #wardrobegoals for me and the Hubby for our next visit.

I now see I probably should have done a separate blog post on this because I am digressing like crazy. Point is… the art galleries were surprising.

I also caught one of the workshops. They’re making chocolate truffles here:


This seminar is being done by Amy Holmes and Kathleen Dunn from the Ganachery, Disney Springs. This is one of those cost money things. At $39 it’s not too outrageous and people seemed really into it. It certainly smelled wonderful.

I got there early enough this time to see the street artist they have dotted around. Super friendly folks! Feel free to ask them questions about their art. I was just kind of quietly watching at first and I think it came off as kinda stalkerish so finally the lady and black just started a conversation. Really I wasn’t trying to be weird, I was just still thinking about all those amish kids at Epcot from that concept art. MAN, art does make you think.

In the “you had ONE job” category



Something else I notice this visit was that there was music all the time, everywhere. You’ve got your usual performances in England, Canada and Morocco. On tope of that there were performances at the Fountains, Germany and The American Stage. These aren’t the big names that you see at food and wine but still a nice little added bonus. Usually this time between the holidays and Flower and Garden Festival is pretty stagnant. The weather is so tolerable right now it’s the perfect time to be out at the parks.

Overall I think this is a great little festival. This first year seems pretty successful and I think this is only going to get bigger each year. I also think that in the near future Epcot is just going to be back to back festivals. Or maybe that’s just me being hopeful.